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Communication Skills Training - How Communication Happens

Communication Key Skills. Here we look at the idea that there is a great deal more to communication than just the things you say.

How Communication Happens

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Interpersonal skills are the be all and end all of good communication. Everything communicates, literally everything. Something you don't mention can communicate more than all the things you do say. Always remember - If you're not clear about what you mean or what your intention is when you say something, then the other person (or people) will find it difficult NOT to misinterpret what you mean.

It is also true that what you do can matter as much as, if not more than what you say. It is now commonly accepted that your words can account for as little as 7-11% of what you communicate. Your behaviour is unconsciously interpreted by other people and with a little work you can certainly learn to display behaviour that will be seen positively by them.

Our use of language is one of the most powerful indicators of how we think and also how we feel about ourselves and others. It is important to be aware of the padding, of the justifications and of the excuses you use and whether or not they are appropriate.

You can usually make quite an impact simply by making a change to some of the language you use. Time spent developing your verbal skills will give you a significant return. This is one way you can significantly improve your communication skills.

Communication Cycle

Here is a really neat communication cycle that we came across that can help you to understand how to make your communication work better. It enables you to take responsibility for each stage of the Communication Cycle:

First the Thought - Which is then Spoken - It is Heard - Understood - Then Agreed To - Acted On - And Implemented.

It is quite easy to become aware of where you and others are likely to fall off this cycle and prepare a strategy to deal with it appropriately.

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