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Communication Skills Training - Individual Communication Style

Communication Key Skills. This section deals with the idea that everybody has a unique and individual communication style which is the basis for further communication skills development.

Communication is Individual

No Two People Are The Same

When you take a look at good communication, better presentation skills is not all there is to it. Far from it. Its an obvious given that everyone communicates differently and we all see the world differently to others. Therefore the greatest skill you can develop in order to quickly and significantly improve the way you communicate is to understand the other person's point view. If you can understand how they see the world, then you can very simply adjust your own communication to take into account their view of things.

Changing Yourself in Order to Change Other People

Another thing we can take as a given is the knowledge that there is only one person you can be sure of changing in any communication - and that is you. Therefore, the best use of your efforts to achieve better communication and most effective way to stay in charge of what happens to your communication dynamic is to change what you do. The moment you start to master this simple skill you will be well on the way to improving your communication and developing better relationships.

There is Only One of You

There is no one right way to communicate. Authentic and effective communication only really happens when we use the things we know are true about ourselves. For all of us our personal style will say more for and about us that all the words we can use.

What's Working Already?

It is an instinctive reaction when faced with assessing our ability to communicate, to start with what's wrong with ourselves and other people first. How about putting the focus on what already works? For anyone who has got as far as wanting to improve the way they communicate - something (many things actually) has got to be working well for you already!

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